All the resources are here for any level of musician to create a performance. Contact us if you have any questions or need more information. All items here are copyright Pieter Schlosser and SV2 Studios and may not be shared or distributed without written permission.

  1. Click Track – THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCE. You must follow the tempo. Because we mixing multiple performance, if you performance drifts off, we won’t be able to use it. Of course, you can be creative with “playing around the beat” but we won’t be able to fix tempo drifts or off-tempo. Download here.
  2. Complex Score – this is for intermediate to advanced musicians. Download here
  3. Simple Score with Guitar Tab – this is for beginning to intermediate musicians and guitarists of all abilities. Download here
  4. Reference Performance – this is Pieter’s electronic performance of his composition to give you an idea of one potential performance. Download here
  5. MIDI File – this is Pieter’s MIDI file for experienced MIDI musicians – no tech support will be provided for this. Download here